Microneedling with PRP & Neck Wrinkles

PRP with Microneedling & Neck Wrinkles Southington
As we grow older, our skin begins to age and sag. As people age many of them develop neck wrinkles. Today there are several habits people do that can cause the development of neck wrinkles. But are there any treatments that can help those pesky neck lines? Re: Nu 180 Medspa offers a procedure that can treat this body imperfection. Re: Nu 180 Medspa offers Microneedling with PRP. Microneedling with PRP Southington can decrease the appearance of neck lines and help rejuvenate the skin.

What are neck wrinkles?

The neck is sometimes a body part that can be forgotten. Natural aging skin can cause horizontal lines on your neck. Aging skin can affect the neck, but so can technology. The more we engage in activities on our phones the more wrinkles and lines we are creating. This phenomenon is known as “tech neck”.  The more people use their phones and are constantly bending their heads down, the more neck lines are created because the skin is repeatedly being folded. Don’t worry the cell phone is not the only reason your neck ages. Some other factors that contribute to neck wrinkles are skin tone, smoking and sun damage. *

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How can Re: Nu 180 treat neck wrinkles?

Re: Nu 180 Medspa offers Microneedling with PRP for neck wrinkles because we understand how the aging neck can be a difficult area to treat. Microneedling with PRP can help treat neck wrinkles because it helps the neck look younger and fresher. *



Microneedling with PRP & Neck Wrinkles Southington


Come and say Hello!

If you would like some more information regarding how to decrease the appearance of neck wrinkles using Microneedling with PRP or any other treatments, contact us today! At Re: Nu 180 Medspa our Medical Director Christina Baden, will provide the best advice when it comes to treatments. She wants you to be happy with your result. Want those annoying neck lines to go away? Schedule a consultation with us today!

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary

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