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How do Dermal Fillers Work?

Aging Image result for dermal fillersfine lines and wrinkles can be frustrating to treat on your own. Countless creams with promises of taking years off of your appearance seem to take years to work, makeup purchases create a dent in your pockets (not to mention the time it takes to apply it), and so you may want another option. Dermal fillers can be that third option for you that provide quicker results than the latter.
If you are new to the idea of fillers or injections of any kind, it might be a scary thought. Dermal fillers are a breeze and nothing to be feared. Our services in Southington, CT are designed to provide the utmost comfort possible. The injections are applied only to the selected areas for treatment. Our Juvederm fillers contain a gel made from hyaluronic acid (HA). HA fillers absorb the water under the skin and build up beneath the selected wrinkles, thus creating a plumper surface.

Does it Hurt?

If you are sensitive to pain or fear any pain from injections, you can always request cold packs from the doctor conducting the treatment. The cold pack can be applied to the target area twenty to thirty minutes prior. Sometimes a topical anesthetic (numbing agent) will be applied; this is even more commonly done for lip injections.

What are the Side Effects?

Dermal fillers, like other treatments, have side effects that you might be subjected to experiencing. Common side effects are short-lived, lasting up to a week after treatments. You can expect some redness, swelling, soreness or tenderness following the injections. Other side effects that you might experience include itching and discoloration. Again, all of these should be short-lived. If you find that you are still observing side effect over 7 days later, or discovering more serious symptoms, please contact your doctor right away.
For more information about dermal fillers and other services, contact us today. We can schedule a consultation at our Southington, Ct location and address any concerns.

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