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SkinVive™ by Juvéderm®

Unveiling the SkinVive™ Experience: Your Journey to Radiant Skin

What is SkinVive™?

SkinVive™ is the first and only hyaluronic acid microdroplet treatment designed to improve the smoothness of cheeks. It’s FDA-approved and clinically proven to enhance skin of all types and tones by hydrating from within. Best of all, SkinVive™ can last up to 6 months and doesn’t require multiple treatments.

During Your Treatment: A Personalized Approach

During your SkinVive™, our skilled specialists will work closely with you to ensure you walk away with only the best results. The treatment itself involves multiple microdroplet injections, meaning a tiny amount of the product is administered just below the skin’s surface on each cheek.

Your specialist will guide you through the procedure so you are comfortable and well-informed every step of the way. The addition of lidocaine, a common pain reliever, in SkinVive™, provides a pain-free experience.

SkinVive™ by Juvéderm® | Re:nu 180 Medspa | CT

Natural Results for Every Skin Type: Radiance Redefined

Regardless of your skin type or tone, SkinVive™ can elevate the look and feel of your skin to a new level. This hyaluronic acid-based treatment works beneath the surface to improve cheek smoothness, resulting in a noticeably more radiant appearance in as little as one month.

As a reminder, with SkinVive™, there is no visible change in the shape or volume of your face—just beautifully healthier-looking skin radiating a lasting glow that enhances your natural features.

Post-Treatment Care: Your Skin Deserves the Best

After the treatment, our injectable specialists will provide a list of after-care directions to optimize your results. We recommend minimizing strenuous exercise, extensive sun or heat exposure, and alcoholic beverages within the first 24 hours. Other than that, SkinVive™ will not disrupt your daily activities.
SkinVive™ by Juvéderm® | Re:nu 180 Medspa | CT

FDA Approved, Clinically Proven Excellence

Rest assured, SkinVive™ is a modified hyaluronic acid gel that has undergone rigorous clinical testing and is FDA-approved. Our patients consistently report high satisfaction with their skin’s glowing, hydrated, refreshed, and healthy appearance post-treatment.

On Your Schedule: Convenience Redefined

At Re:nu 180 Medspa, we understand the demands of your busy schedule. Thankfully, with an average treatment session lasting only about 30 minutes and minimal downtime, you can receive a SkinVive™ treatment on your terms. Ready, set, glow—on your lunch break. For those seeking additional refinement, optional touch-ups can further enhance your natural glow without altering your unique features.

Ready to redefine your skincare routine and illuminate your natural beauty? Schedule a free consultation with our expert team at Re:nu 180 Medspa and experience the science of SkinVive™ by Juvéderm®—where radiant skin meets lasting satisfaction.

SkinVive™ by Juvéderm® | Smoother, Youthful-Looking Cheeks | Re:nu 180 Medspa

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