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The Cost of Lip Injections Southington, CT

What goes into the cost of Lip Injections?


When considering the cost of lip injections, there are a lot of variables that come into play. First, when considering getting the procedure, a client needs to consider the clinic, the practitioner and the injectable being used. Each of these factors add into the cost of the procedure and is a good indicator of the service you will receive.

Why a cheap deal may not be the best

Coupon sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and other sites, may offer seemingly good deals, but they may not be the best for aesthetic procedures. Sites like these usually offer a block deal for the treatment, and works like a walk-in appointment. Often, a consultation is not offered beforehand, which can produce unsatisfying results that will cost more to get corrected.

Another reason that a cheap deal is not always the best, is that you can’t verify the products being used. Sometimes the product may have unknown ingredients from China that aren’t regulated. The products could also be expired, counterfeit, or over-diluted with saline.

The biggest reason is the practitioner themselves. A cheap deal may signal that the administrator is not licensed, properly trained, or inexperienced. A highly-trained practitioner is going to charge a higher price because of their expertise and consistent results.

Why you should go to a regular aesthetic clinic


When it comes to getting an aesthetic procedure, you should go to a licensed clinic. This way you can be sure that you are going gets the results you want and you can be sure that the practitioner is licensed and certified to give lip injections.

At Re:nu 180 Medspa in Southington, CT, Christina Baden, ARPN, Medical Director is trained and certified to give lip injections. We make sure that our clients are pleased with their results and that the lip injections have a subtle-yet-natural, symmetrical result. When you come into our clinic, you can be sure that what you are paying for is professional, and licensed work.

Schedule a consultation

If you would like to get lip injections, please schedule a complimentary consultation at Re:nu 180 Medspa. Christina Baden, ARPN, Medical Director is dedicated to giving you the best care in your aesthetic and personal wellness. So, visit us at our clinic in Southington, CT today and let us take care of you!

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