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Are you noticing volume loss within your face and want to find a treatment that can rebuild it? At Re:nu 180 Medspa we offer a treatment that not only volumizes but rebuilds collagen strands as well: Sculptra. This injectable is different from other injectables because it penetrates deeply within the skin to rebuild and repair broken collagen strands, therefore, allowing the face to regain its former structure and appearance. Essentially lift itself back to its former look.

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Sculptra Aesthetic

What is Sculptra?


Known as Sculptra Aesthetic; it is an FDA approved injectable, that replaces lost collagen over time. The results can last for more than 2 years.

How do we treat patients in CT?

Sculptra mainly treats, provides a lift to the mid to lower areas on the face, such as:

  1. Cheeks: The area over the cheek bone, where volume loss occurs
  2. Smile lines: Between the nose and mouth, the ‘upper part’ of the marionette lines
  3. Marionette lines: These are the lines that frame the lips. They are also commonly known as the ‘laugh lines.’
  4. Chin wrinkles: Wrinkles that are found on the lower part or sides of the chin.

How does the procedure work?


The procedure works by injecting Sculptra deep into the dermis, into the different areas of the face. The treatment regimen consists of an average of 2-3 sessions, over the course of 3 to 4 months. Once the Sculptra treatments are completed, it lasts about 2 years.

Unlike fillers that use liquid or gel substances that simply fill in the areas, Sculptra acts as a collagen stimulator. It works within the dermis to help restore your skin’s inner structure and volume. It uses PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) microparticles, which absorbs into the dermis to help stimulate collagen production. The collagen production strands are then rebuilt and slowly begin to restore facial volume.

Why should you try Sculptra Treatments?


We recommend this treatment because of the way that it works. Instead of the product sitting underneath the skin, it penetrates deeply within the dermis. Once it is injected, it begins to revitalize collagen production and restores the skin’s inner structure and volume.

At Re:nu 180, we suggest Sculptra for our clients because of the way that is sculpts and rebuilds the face. It stimulates the collagen strands within the face and begins to shape the areas that had begun to lose their volume. Clients who receive this treatment see significant results in the firmness and structure of their face. Another reason we recommend this treatment, is the longevity of the results. Once the treatment is completed, it lasts approximately 2 years before the next treatment. Achieve great results in quick fashion.

Schedule a consultation about Sculptra Injections

If you would like to learn more about Sculptra, schedule a consultation with our professional staff today. At Re:nu 180  Medspa in Southington, CT., Christina P. Baden, ARPN, Medical Director will evaluate you to see how this procedure will work for you. During the consultation, she will address any of your concerns and create a personalized treatment plan for you to ensure the results you desire for your body.

So, don’t wait any longer! Come in today and start your aesthetic journey to a new, improved you. We look forward to seeing you. Experience the difference with the most trusted and friendly staff in Connecticut.

Re:Nu 180 Med Spa is located in Southington, CT and services the entire Hartford and New Haven County Areas including including Plainville, Cheshire, Wallingford , Prospect, Hamden, Farmington, and Burlington. We also have a second Re:Nu180 location in Newington, CT.

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