Our identity, and how we see ourselves, is reflected back to us every time that we look in the mirror. Genetics, stress, and the sun all play a role in how our appearance changes over time. As we age, we gain wisdom and strength, but also crow’s feet, thin lips, and double chins.

Re:nu 180 Medspa was founded on the principle that it’s possible to look and feel our best through cosmetic procedures that offer immediate, yet natural-looking results. The goal is to enhance your unique beauty through specialized medspa treatments that help you to look like a more refreshed, glowing, youthful version of yourself.

Cosmetic Procedures

With locations in Southington and Newington, Re:nu 180 specializes in services for the face with anti-aging treatments, dermal fillers and injections, wrinkle reduction treatments, collagen induction therapy, double chin reduction, eyelash enhancement, hair restoration, hand restoration, and vitamin B12 shots.

Treatments are always administered by a nurse practitioner and utilize: Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, Botox®, Dysport®, Kybella®, Latisse®, and more.

The Face Behind Re:nu 180

Re:nu 180 Medspa’s founder and medical director, Christina Baden, APRN, is a nationally board-certified Nurse Practitioner and the lead clinician at Re:nu’s Southington location. She has two decades of advanced experience in medical spa procedures and is known as a trusted clinician throughout Connecticut.

“We Re:nu your beauty, from the outside, in,” explains Baden. “I founded the medspa so that my patients would have a place that they could feel comfortable and confident as they explore anti-aging cosmetic procedures. We focus specifically on injectable treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. It’s part art, part science.”

Diane Cichy, AG-ACNP-BC, a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, is the lead clinician at Re:nu’s Newington location. She has an excellent reputation in the medical spa field; her clients trust her keen eye with anti-aging procedures and cosmetic procedures, offering realistic and achievable solutions with stunning results.

Why Re:nu 180 is Different

“When patients first walk through our doors, they realize that we do things differently here,” says Baden. “It’s tranquil, serene. We see one person at a time, we listen, and we take our time. Re:nu is not a ‘mill’ with 20 people in the waiting room, and clinicians shuffling between treatment rooms. There is one clinician, one patient at a time. You will always see either Diane or myself. That’s it. Our patients trust us, and we build relationships. When you’re dealing with cosmetic procedures for your face, would you want it any other way? It’s your face. It’s everything. You need to be completely comfortable. Each service is tailored to your wants and needs, and together we determine what path is best.”

A Natural Approach

Cosmetic procedures at Re:nu 180 are done with a deliberate, gentle, artistic hand. Patients’ natural beauty is enhanced, and highlighted, never masked to look fake or frozen. Your face should look like a younger version of yourself, a well-rested, glowing face with natural expressions and movements. The science behind the products creates immediate results, yet it is the experience and skill of your clinician that produces a subtle, beautiful result.

Brows rest gently, without pulling or tightening to form creases. Eyes are vibrant and awake, without sunken-in eye sockets, puffiness, or crow’s feet. Smile lines fade away, wrinkled foreheads soften. Jawlines are strong as double chins disappear. Cheekbones are sculpted and defined. Lips are plump and full.

“What I have learned throughout my years as both a nurse and a clinician is that, often, less is more, and prevention is nine-tenths of the cure. With a little work now, my patients will age gracefully and require fewer procedures in the future,” explains Baden.

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