Does Botox Slow the Aging Process?

We know that botox treatments help hide the appearance of wrinkles, but does botox actually reverse the aging process itself? With the rise of preventative botox, individuals receiving these in-patient treatments while still in their twenties, there’s a tendency to think that botox itself will help reverse the aging process.

Before and After Botox Results


Your botox treatments will definitely assist you in battling the aging process, helping you eliminate wrinkles. However, to truly slow down and inhibit aging, making yourself look AND feel younger, there are other measures that need to be taken.

Diet and Exercise

The two most obvious components of anti-aging are a) regulating what we eat, and b) keeping our bodies moving on a routine basis.

Botox is never a substitute for healthy meals and trips to the gym, nor should it be. It’s only a cosmetic treatment aimed at getting rid of those annoying lines that are synonymous with aging.

Preventing further wrinkles from forming isn’t just a job for botox itself, it’s one component of a larger lifestyle framework.

Frequent ingesting of vitamins, decreased alcohol intake, and taking care of the body through frequent exercise is also a major part of the preventative efforts.

Essential Oils and Moisturizers

Another major part of “staying young” are the natural products and substances we use on our skin everyday. Facial cleansers like Cetaphil help keep our skin both clean and moisturized simultaneously, removing the grossness that we tend to accumulate on a daily basis (don’t worry, you’re not alone).

Protect Your Skin At All Times

Keeping the skin young means keeping it away from the sun’s rays. By preparing your face for every outdoor encounter, you’ll be well ahead of the aging curve. Basically this means “wear sunscreen!”

Less Alcohol

No one’s saying you can’t drink, just try to drink a little less. Frequent alcohol consumption over several years can cause significant harm the body both inside and out, with lines and wrinkles being among the top consequences.

Even cutting down from say, two drinks per evening down to one will help improve your look long term.

So, Does Botox REALLY Slow Down The Aging Process?

Botox can surely be part of your strategy for turning back the clock, but it takes more than these cosmetic treatments to truly look younger.

Getting preventative botox in your twenties or thirties can help prevent some unwanted lines and wrinkles from forming, but it should really accompanied by an overall healthy lifestyle.

For more information, see: How Much Does Botox Cost?

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