How Long Does Juvederm Take to Set In?

Juvederm treatments are among the safest and most effective dermal fillers on the market today. While they are known for eliminating fine lines and unwanted wrinkles, a lot of patients wonder how long they can expect to wait for the results to become visible.

Transformation from Juvederm


Thanks to its natural and flexible gel, Juvederm can be massaged and manipulated into the right areas for a short length of time following the injection.


Instant Results, but a Few Days to Finalize

Oftentimes, the results of your treatment will be noticeable very quickly. However, it’s important to note that it may still take a few days beyond your treatment for the Juvederm to settle into its final position.

Facial fillers are injectable gels that take time to spread out and fill the space. While this process lends itself to instant transformations, there is still the continued process involving the gel’s dissolution and merging with your skin cells. This is what gives you long-lasting results, even though it takes a bit longer to complete.


Different Dermal Fillers have Different Settle Times

Hyaluronic acid is the natural substance used in the Juvederm product that helps lend users a more youthful appearance.

Depending on your specific type of dermal filler, there could be vastly different wait times before you notice results. It varies from person to person.

Another type of dermal filler is Sculptra, which is made of injectable poly-L-lactic acid. Though innovative, Sculptra is very gradual. It can take up to six months after treatment to begin seeing its final results.

Tips for Being Healthy After Your Juvederm Treatment

Being your best, healthiest self after a Juvederm treatment will not only make you feel better on the inside, it will help speed up the results of your treatment and keep your skin glowing.

First and foremost, drink plenty of liquids. It may seem obvious but staying hydrated is important for your overall health, happiness, and wellbeing. It will keep your body healthy and provide the best results. Needless to say, liquids are a great thing.

Next up, avoid too much sunlight. Yes, another no-brainer (we think), but it’s worth repeating that avoiding harmful UV rays is 100% necessary to keep your skin youthful as you age. It can also tarnish the effects of your dermal fillers or dermal tissue, so try and avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun for at least one week following the treatment in your treated area.

By following these healthy tips, you will see a significant improvement following Juvederm treatment in no time.

Side Effects of Juvederm Treatment

Swelling, firmness, bruising, redness, and discolorations are some of the most prevalent side effects associated with Juvederm treatment. There is also the possibility of allergic reactions.

The risk factors from Juvederm are minimal. Hyaluronic acid fillers are extremely safe and effective.

Finally, it’s good to take things easy for a few days after your Juvederm treatment. Keep workouts light for at least 48 hours to avoid any physical bruising or swelling post-treatment.

For more information, see: Where Can Juvederm Fillers Be Used on the Face?

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