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Microneedling for Acne Southington, CT

Are you plagued with terrible scars because of your acne? We at Re:nu 180 Medspa can help you reclaim your face. With our newest treatment option Microneedling for Acne, we can help restore your face and reduce the appearance of those scars. So, there is no more applying endless amounts of concealer, foundation or doing a ‘full face of makeup’. Stop into our clinic today so that you can have the flawless face you’ve always wanted.

What are the benefits of Microneedling for Acne?


Microneedling uses the body’s own healing complex by creating micro-injuries to the dermis. The micro-injuries release cytokines along with growth factors that encourage collagen production. This helps to repair the scarring through a process known as ‘the wound healing cascade.’ The collagen, along with the cytokines that are released, help to smooth out the skin, effectively reducing the appearance scars.

How does this procedure treat acne scars?

It treats acne scars by allowing the body to use its own healing factors. Microneedling for Acne simply acts as a conduit whereby your body’s natural properties are activated. Once this activation happens, skin rejuvenation occurs. Substances such as collagen are produced and manage to lift the skin from the inside.

What causes acne scarring?

Acne scarring is caused by a bacterial infection: acne. The scars occur due to the resulting overgrowth that occurs in the skin follicles. Skin follicles become blocked by excessive oil and by the change in the keratin process, which triggers inflammation. This inflammation results in scar formation. As the skin attempts to heal, the collagen becomes disorganized, and thickens with the epidermis anchoring to it. This is what creates scarring on the face.

How does Microneedling work?

Microneedling involves using tiny needles in a specialized pen, called a micropen. The micropen is lightly grazed across the face creating micro-scratches on the face. The scratches cause little injuries to the face, triggering the body’s healing. Once the healing factors start, the collagen plumps up the skin and smooths out the scarring on the face.

What are the results of Microneedling?


After doing a Microneedling for Acne procedure, patients are often very pleased with their results. Their face is fresh, smooth, plump and noticeably free of any blemishes. Patients who try this procedure for acne scarring see significant improvement post-treatment. After a few treatments, their acne scarring is dramatically reduced. At Re:nu 180 Medspa, our medical director will make sure that your microneedling treatments give you the best possible results.

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If you would like to learn more about Microneedling for Acne, contact us today. At Re:nu 180 Medspa, we pride ourselves on making sure that our clients receive top of the line aesthetic treatments. Christina Baden, APRN, Medical Director will advise you during the consultation on how this treatment could work for you. So, don’t suffer with acne scars any longer and come into our office located in Southington, CT.

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