Preventing Dark Circles and Bags Southington

Are Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags holding you back?

Dark circles and under eye bags can be problematic. While you can try and cover them, this can be a tedious hassle. Remedies for preventing them are often too little too late, as well as remedies to reduce them. At worst, these solutions do nothing at all, and at best, help only a little; but at Re:nu 180 Medspa, we have treatments to help reduce those pesky dark circles and bags.

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What causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles are caused by a variety of different factors. While fatigue is one of the main causes that come to mind, it is not the only one. Other causes of dark circles can include: allergies, heredity, sleep deprivation, oversleep, stress, fluid retention, crying, lifestyle, etc.

These causes, can make the dark circles appear and can be hard to get rid of. Especially if lifestyle or genetics play a role in their appearance.

What causes Under Eye Bags?

What causes under eye bags can be as simple as fat that accumulates under the eyes, but there are other factors that cause bags. These can be: fluid retention, weather changes, lack of sleep, allergies or dermatitis, and heredity.

Just like dark circles, bags under the eyes can also be hard to get rid of. This is because bags are in a difficult spot to treat.

How do you prevent them?

There are a couple of ways that people say you can prevent dark circles and bags. One of the ways is to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, or trying home remedies to reduce their chances of appearing. However, none of these ways are 100% effective in preventing dark circles or bags.

Ways to treat them

One way to treat dark circles and bags effectively would be the use of aesthetic treatments. Two treatments are: Restylane and Microneedling. Restylane is a dermal filler injection that is used to treat the hollow area underneath the eyes. Microneedling consists of using a micropen to create several microscopic punctures of the skin, which start the body’s healing process, ultimately producing collagen in the treated areas. These treatments have proven to be highly effective in controlling the appearance of dark circles and bags.

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