Sculptra for Cheeks Southington, CT

As we begin to age, one of the places that we begin to lose volume is in our face. More specifically, we begin to lose volume in our cheeks. Our cheeks begin to flatten and sag, making us look older and tired; aging us prematurely in some cases. However, at Re:nu 180 Medspa in Southington, CT, we have a solution to keep you looking taut, plump, firm, and youthful. Sculptra, is a new treatment that not only adds volume, but sculpts and redefines the cheeks. We use it at Re:nu 180 Medspa for our clients to restore their youthful face structure and help them attain the look they desire.

What is Sculptra?


Sculptra Aesthetic, is an FDA-approved collagen stimulator. It restores volume and repairs collagen strands, to keep the skin firm. It also reconstructs or sculpts the shape of the face in the hollow areas, giving it a more defined appearance.

Should you use Sculptra for Cheeks?

Sculptra is a good choice for cheeks, because of the nature of the injectable. Unlike other injectables that sit beneath the dermis, Sculptra augments and shapes the face, while also repairing broken collagen strands. It enhances the appearance of the face by defining the jawline and making the cheeks more prominent.

At Re:nu 180 we like using this treatment due to its creation of long-lasting volume, ease of use, and its stimulation of collagen production.

What are the results?


The results of using Sculptra is the regeneration of collagen within the dermis. Once the regeneration begins to take place, the cheeks show a naturally uplifted appearance. It takes about 8 weeks or longer for the results to appear, however, once the collagen begins to form there is usually significant improvement in the face.

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