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How to Transform Your Skin Before the Holidays

Fall Skin Care Tips | Skincare Tips

Amid this busy season, we often let self-care become a second priority to prepping for the holidays. From late-night gift wrapping to last-minute party planning, there’s always something that comes between the usual skincare routine we all know and love. Besides the hectic schedules, the fall and winter seasons also bring chilly weather, creating another battle for our skin to fight. But no need to worry. We’re here to help with some top-rated tips for looking fabulous all year long.

For starters, just like any good party, great skin requires careful planning. Most cosmetic injections take time for their full effect to show, so getting a head start on your appointments before the holiday season is highly recommended. Especially for treatments like Botox and fillers because results can vary from person to person. Come see us at Re:nu 180 Medspa so we can determine your skin goals for this season and properly assess how we can achieve them before the holidays. We often recommend adding certain skincare products to your regimen to keep your skin looking gorgeous, refreshed, and safe from the cooler temperatures. Our Rest, Relax & Re:nu 180 skincare line has a variety of products that can help alleviate aging and some of the most common skin issues experienced during the fall and winter months.

Age spots are at the top of the list of seasonally-inspired skin problems. Also known as freckles, these changes in skin pigmentation can often become more visible once your summer tan fades away. While they usually don’t indicate any serious issues, many prefer the freckle-free look. Our Super C Serum and Radiant Lightening Serum are great options for rejuvenating spot-covered skin as they work to brighten skin and boost the immune system of cells.

Even if you stuck to your sunscreen regimen (like you always should,) one issue that’s hard to avoid this season is dry skin. Moving from humid, warm weather to cold, dry air can severely affect our bodies over the season. Water is pulled from the skin, causing dehydration and dullness. The solution? Lots of moisturizer and daily hydration! Dermatologists recommend heavier face creams for those with severely dry skin, especially around the eyes, lips, and neck, which are prone to deep wrinkles. We offer two types of moisturizers at Re:nu 180, depending on your skincare needs. Our Botanical Moisturizer is best for sensitive skin as it soothes and calms, while our Anti-Aging Moisturizer is recommended for those who need extra wrinkle-defying magic. Regular exfoliation can also help soothe irritated skin, so be sure to add one to this year’s wish list.

Speaking of gifts, don’t forget to treat yourself to something special once in a while! Whether it’s the new skincare line you’ve been waiting to try or a double session at your local Re:nu 180, there’s always room to splurge on self-care. Plus, all the fun and festivities will be here before you know it, so now’s the perfect time to start transforming your skin! 

Ready to give it a try? We specialize in the art of injections at Re:nu 180 Medspa, so we’re here to help you transform this season safely, naturally, and beautifully. Call us at 860-384-6555 to request an appointment.


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