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Ways to shape the Jawline Southington

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Aging can affect various parts of our bodies. The aging process can affect our legs, skin and lips. A major part of the body that is affected by aging is our faces. A facial feature that changes when it comes to aging is the jawline. As people get older the jawline can lose its defined shape. The jawline loses its significant shape because the bone mass changes the angle of the jawline which causes the jawline to become weak and it loses collagen. Re:Nu 180 MedSpa located in Southington, doesn’t want this to happen to you. Re:Nu 180 MedSpa understands how important and beautiful the jawline structure is, which is why we offer multiple treatments that will help shape the Jawline.

What treatments does Re:Nu 180 offer to shape the jawline?

Some men prefer a strong square-shaped jawline and some women prefer a V-shaped jawline with a well distinct appearance. Re:Nu 180 MedSpa is aware of how important the appearance of the jawline is which is why the MedSpa offers three treatments that can help shape the jawline. The three treatments that can help shape the jawline are:



How can Kybella shape the jawline?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable, composed of a deoxycholic acid that is used to decrease the appearance of the double chin. When Kybella Connecticut is injected to the specific area it begins to reduce the submental fat under the chin and the fat cells begin to deteriorate. Once the fat cells begin to decrease the frame of the jawline begins to appear. *

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*Individual Results will vary

The results should last because the fat cells were destroyed by the injectable. Bruising and swelling may occur after the treatment has taken place. Some patients decide to do two or three sessions to get a slimmer and more defined appearance. *

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How can Botox improve the appearance of the jawline?

Botox is known for treating wrinkles and fine lines, but Botox can do so much more. Botox can also help define the shape of the jawline. Botox helps treat a square jawline. Botox Connecticut softens the square jawline, which makes the jawline have either an oval or V-shaped jawline. *

Botox is injected into the masseter muscles on either side of the face. Once injected into the masseter muscles it decreases their size, which gives the jawline a define structure. The results may last about eight months, but it does depend on the patient. *


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Can Cheek fillers help frame the jawline?

Yes, they can! Cheek fillers don’t only treat saggy cheeks or help add volume that was lost, they also help define the jawline. As people become older the jawline also begins to lose its structure. Cheek fillers help “rebuild” the jawline by lifting the jowls that are found along the jawline. The cheek fillers add volume, but they also help give the jawline a beautiful looking frame. *

The Cheek fillers Re:Nu 180 MedSpa offers are:

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If you would like some information regarding ways to shape your jawline contact us today! If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to reshaping your jawline or any other treatments at Re:Nu 180 please contact us! At Re:Nu 180 MedSpa our Medical Director Christina Baden, will provide the best advice when it comes to different types of treatments. Tired of an aging jawline? Schedule a consultation with us today!

*Disclaimer: Individual Results will vary

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